Thank you for choosing Eprotax to assist with your taxes!

We will prepare your personal and business tax returns. We will depend on you to provide the information we need to prepare and complete accurate returns. We may ask you to clarify some items but will not audit or otherwise verify the data submitted.

We will perform accounting services only as needed to prepare the tax returns. Our work will not include procedures to find defalcations or other irregularities. Accordingly, our engagement should not be relied upon to disclose errors, fraud, or other illegal acts, though it may be necessary for you to clarify some of the information submitted. We will inform you of any material errors, fraud, or other illegal acts we discover.

The law imposes penalties when taxpayers underestimate their tax liability. Call us if there are any concerns about such penalties.

Should we encounter instances of unclear tax law, or of potential conflicts in the interpretation of the law, we will outline the reasonable courses of action and the risks and consequences of each. We will ultimately adopt, on your behalf, the alternative selected by you.

Our fee stated on our home page is based on the time required at standard billing rates plus out-of-pocket expenses. Invoices are due and payable upon presentation. To the extent permitted by state law, an interest charge may be added to all accounts not paid within thirty (30) days.

We will return the original records to you at the end of this engagement. Store these records, along with all supporting documents, in a secure location. We retain copies of the records and our work papers from the engagement for up to seven years, after which these documents will be destroyed.

If management has not selected to e-file the returns with our office, management will be solely responsible to file the returns with the appropriate taxing authorities. The tax payerr should review all tax-return documents carefully before signing them. Our engagement to prepare the tax returns will conclude with the delivery of the completed returns to you, or with e-filed returns, with the tax matters representative’s signature and our subsequent submission of the tax return.

To affirm that your tax return correctly depicts all of your information, please e-sign the document provided to you by our tax specialist as well as available on the appointments page as a consent form to e-file your tax returns.

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Copyrights © 2022 eProTax. All Rights Reserved.

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